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Transactional account

The transactional account serves for registering all transactions that are conducted through the bank (salaries, loans, deposits, cards...).

The transactional account represents a single and unique numerical record of 15 digits that serve as identification of the participants in the payment operation, and the same is recorded in the Single Central Registry of transactional accounts.

Every individual (natural person) can own (open) at least one denar and one currency transactional account depending on his or her needs.

Currency transactional account

The currency transactional account is an account through which transactions can be conducted towards foreign countries in a foreign currency. The currency transactional account can be opened by an individual resident or non-resident.

The individual resident can open a currency transactional account with a valid ID card or Macedonian passport, while the individual non-resident can open a currency transactional account only by submitting a valid foreign passport.


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