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Domestic Payment Operations

I. General information

Domestic payment operations is regulated by the Payment Operations Law (Official Gazette of the Republic of Macedonia 113/2007, 22/08, 159/08, 133/2009, 145/2010) and understands payments in denars that are conducted by the participants in payment operations through the carriers of the payment operations.

The carriers of payment operations are the National Bank of the Republic of Macedonia, the domestic banks that have a payment operations licence, subsidiaries of foreign banks, the Treasury with the Ministry of Finance, and the Treasury of the Health and Insurance Fund as separate carriers of payment operations.

A participant in payment operations is a domestic or foreign, corporate or individual that conducts a registered activity or other individual that conducts payments in denars from its transactional account through the payment operations carrier.

The term payment covers deposits of cash on transactional accounts, transfer of money assets from one transactional account to another, and payment of cash from a transactional account.

A transactional account is single and unique numerical data according to which the participant in the payment operations is identified, and through who the same conducts payments.

According to the Payment Operations Law, payment operations are conducted only through transactional accounts that are registered in the single register of transactional accounts and no payments are allowed between participants in payment operations that are not conducted through transactional accounts.

The participant in payment operation can have several transactional accounts with one payment operations carrier, and can have transactional accounts with several payment operations carriers.

The participant in payment operations is obligated to inform the payment operations carriers in which it has transactional accounts in writing all of status updates and other changes, no later than three days from the day of adopting the decision for status and other changes (article 14 of the Payment Operations Law).

Ohridska Banka AD Ohrid is a domestic payment operations carrier and offers its clients a fast, simple, and safe service in the realisation of payment operations. For this purpose alone all cash desks in the branches of the bank are at your disposal, as well as the software solution for electronic communication (e-bank). The bank conducts the denar payment transactions of clients through:

  • Internal payment operations for payments in which are included deponents of the bank;
  • Interbanking payment operations between deponents of two banks that are realised through two settlement systems;

- MIPS – Macedonian Interbanking Payment System of the National Bank of the Republic of Macedonia represents a System of gross settlement in real time, through which big payments over 1 million denars and urgent payments in smaller amounts are processed;
- KIBS – Clearing Interbanking System represents a system for delayed net settlement that is conducted at the end of the accounting day through which payments lower than 1 million denars are processed.

With the novelties that Ohridska Banka AD Ohrid introduced, such as the expansion of the cash-desk network, the new ‘e-bank’ with which you can deliver payment orders through your computer, follow activity, and receive statements for your account, a new quality is enabled in relations with you.

II. Payment instruments For realising payments in domestic payment operations the following instruments (forms) are used: a) for cash payments:

  • Form PP 10 - payment order for payment in cash (money order)
  • Form PP 10 40 - payment order for cash payment

b) for cashless payments:

  • Form PP 10 30 - money transfer order
  • Form PP 10 50 - public revenue payment order
  • Form PP 10 53 - summary order for salary payments

III. Time schedule for payments Ohridska Banka AD Ohrid the orders – payments of transactional accounts of participants in domestic payment operations are conducted every day according to the following time schedule:

1. Reception, processing, and sending orders in paper form to the cash desks of the bank:

  • for realisation through KIBS (2) from 08:00h to 13:00h;
  • for realisation through MIPS (1) from 08:00h to 16:00h;
  • for realisation for internal orders (0) from 8:00h to 16:45h;

2. Reception, processing, and sending orders in electronic form:

  • for realisation through KIBS (2) to 14:00h;
  • for realisation through MIPS (1) to 16:00h;
  • for realisation for internal orders (0) to 16:45h;

3. On Saturday reception only of internal orders from 08:00h to 12:30h.
4. Reception of orders with future realisation dates: paper – at a determined working time, and electronically – unlimited.

IV. Fee tariffs

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