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A safer future for you and for your nearest and dearest – banking products with additional protection

A safer future for you and for your nearest and dearest – banking products with additional protection

Ohridska Banka has set the foundations for combined traditional banking and insurance services. Should an insured incident occur, your debt towards the Bank shall be covered by an insurance company, so that you or your closest family are freed from the debt.

What is banking insurance?

This term designates the products that constitute a combination of banking products and life insurance, where insurance means the client’s protection in case of an insured incident – death, loss of work ability or permanent disability.

Banking Products Containing an Insurance Component

You may apply for the following products that include insurance: loans, overdrafts, transaction accounts, deposits and cards.

Insurance for the Life of the Loan

Covers all types of personal loans: Cash Express, housing loans, mortgage loans, A++ loans, student loans, car loans, loans with 100% deposit. In case of an unwanted incident, the insurance company will cover the remaining principal balance of your loan that you owe to Ohridska Banka.

Overdraft insurance

In case a covered risk occurs, the insurance company shall take over as its own obligation the spent portion of the overdraft you have been permitted to make by the Bank.

Card Insurance

The card users receive IN-cards for free, whereby the MasterCard and VISA payment cards are covered by several insurance coverages. The card insurance includes certain incidents that are covered and complemented depending on the type of the card.

Transaction Account Insurance and Deposit Insurance

The financial benefits from an insured incident imply an urgent one-time compensation of EUR 500 per insurance and a total amount of up to a maximum of EUR 2,500 per policy on account of the transaction account insurance, and up to EUR 3,000 per policy on account of the deposit insurance, in accordance with the insurance terms.