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MasterCard business card

MasterCard® Business card is international credit charge card intended for corporate clients residents and non-residents that have opened gyro account at Ohridska banka AD Skopje.

With MasterCard® Business you can perform the next functions:

  • Payment function - paying for products and services, representative costs, hotel accommodation, travelling expenses in the country and abroad at every sales place where EFT POS device from the MasterCard® network is installed, places with MasterCard® and Maestro® symbols and online payment (hotel reservation, buying airline tickets etc.)
  • Pay-off function - for cash payments of Cash Advance Outlet devices on other banks in the country and abroad, and for withdrawal of cash from ATM (Automated Teller Machine) where the MasterCard® and Maestro® symbol is notable.

MasterCard® Business card is issued in the name of the corporate client and it can be used by multiple employees that work for the company.

The card operates on the principle of delayed payment, and the disposal with the finance is limited on credit limit which is approved on corporate level and level of separate users of the cards (the employees). The total limit of the corporate client is determined on creditworthy basis and the business income in the last financial period.

The settlement of outstanding obligations which evolved from the usage of the card in the country and abroad is executed in denars by 15th the next month.

MasterCard® Business card is issued with validity period of three years at the first issue and three years for every following renewal.

Advantages of MasterCard® Business card

  • Simple and safe usage of MasterCard® Business card without commission in the commercial network of more than 29 million locations anywhere in the world
  • Interest-free period maximum 45 days
  • Delivery of free monthly bank statement for monitoring of all expenditures made by using your MasterCard® Business card
  • Issuing unlimited number of cards for the employees of your company
  • Conceptualization of daily limits by separate cards according to specific requirements and needs of your company
  • Free insurance of the card holder 

Documents required for issuing MasterCard® Business card:

  • Application form
  • Identity card(s) of the users of additional card(s)
  • Balance sheet and Income statement for the previous year
  • Financial statement for the last quarter of the current year
  • Operation financial transactions from the gyro account for the last 6 months
  • Copy of the decision on registration of the company with all attachments
  • Notification from State Statistical Office of Republic of Macedonia for classification by activities
  • Current balance
  • Statement/ agreement for checking the credit exposure of the subject
  • Signed agreement for issuing and usage of Business Charge card
  • Collateral
  • Other documentation
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