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MOJA BANKA, Мobile Bank of Ohridska Banka Societe Generale

Your 24/7 mobile access to public and personal banking information

MOJA BANKA – is an Ohridska Banka Societe Generale application that enables your mobile device to function as your portable virtual branch of this Bank. In a fast, secure and easy way you can get information on all your accounts, credit cards, loans, deposits, and can make payments anytime and anywhere.

The application is free for download from Google Play Store or Apple App Store, and supports the Android 4.2 and IOS 7.0 or more recent versions of the corresponding operating systems. One client can use the application on up to three different devices.

The application is available in 3 languages: Macedonian, Albanian and English.

With maximum security provided, the following services are at your disposal:

  • Access to your accounts, balance and available funds at any time (overview of balance, turnover, structure of card’s transactions, payment orders; amortization plans, advanced search of payment orders and statements, overview of loans, credit and debit cards, deposits, etc.)
  • Creation of PIN code for simpler and easier login without compromising the security of your financial information
  • Payment order templates for faster payments to personal accounts, payment of loans and credit cards etc.
  • Payment order templates for faster payment of utility charges
  • Making payments with the standard PP30 and PP50 payment orders, with an opportunity to choose from your own accounts (My accounts)
  • Making foreign currency exchange between your accounts
  • Calculators for the Bank’s credit and deposit products
  • Exchange rates list with advanced viewing
  • ATM and branch locator with the option to create location routes and to obtain information about the working hours of the branch offices.
  • Notification inbox

You can use the app even if you are not a client of Ohridska Banka Societe Generale. Simply download the application and you will be able to use the publicly available services regarding our products and services, the geological services to locate the closest ATM or branch office.

Visit the closest branch and become Moja banka user with no monthly fee for the first three months.

For more information please contact us on (046) 261 000 or by e-mail: obsgnetsupport@ob.com.mk

Privacy Policy regarding personal data when using the Moja Banka product (Mobile Banking)


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