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Western Union

Western Union is a world leader in fast money transfer services with 150 years of tradition. Western Union services are available in 500.000 locations in over 200 countries and territories around the globe.

The Western Union Service is available only for senders and recipients – individuals, and the money arrives at the intended destination in only a few minutes.

Necessary documentation

In order to receive or send money, the client is obligated to posses a valid document of identification (ID card or passport).


The commission for sending money is fixed in the entire country, and defined by Western Union. Ohridska Banka is an official agent of Western Union in Macedonia since 03.06.2009.

All the branches of Ohridska Banka are entirely automated, which provides the clients with the best possible quality of service.

The clients do not fill out any forms, all they have to do is:

  • When receiving money, they have to personally come to one of the branches of Ohridska Banka with a valid document of identification (ID card or passport), and with the nine digit money transfer control number (MTCN). Our highly trained cashiers will enter all the necessary data, and for only a minute you will have your money;
  • When sending money, you give all your data to the cashier verbally in order to realise the transfer. When sending money, you are the one who pays the commission, while the recipient withdraws the amount that you have deposited (without commission). In a minute you will receive a printed form that contains the nine digit money transfer control number (MTCN) that has to be given to the recipient. If you choose the option of Western Union to contact the recipient instead of you and to inform the recipient of their arrived money, as well as give the recipient information for the closest location, it is necessary to know the recipients complete telephone number, as well as the recipients address. Additional charges apply for this service




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